Surprising Trends in the Clothing Market

Clothing. It’s something can all appreciate but not everyone is able to get excited about. The world of modern clothing has shifted greatly in recent years and it pays to keep an eye out. Whether you’re trying to find the best waist trainer, the perfect athleisurewear, or desperately need a smart shirt—shopping for clothes is a new experience.

Welcome to the Future

Long gone are the days where every piece of clothing can be easily categorized as pants, dress, skirt, shirt, and familiar terms from our past. Modern clothing is often designed with a purpose for a very specific market. Whereas one might have hand-sewn spandex in seeking a compression-providing garment—today you can order it in one click!

The current State of the Art within the clothing world isn’t easy to wrap one’s head around. There are nooks, crannies, and back-allies where dwell styles so niche one might never believe without first seeing. These types of clothing have always been around though often require customization, custom-ordering, or intimate sewing knowledge. Today, you can find lots of them at your local Wal-Mart.

What to Watch For

Most trends develop, evolve, live, and perish often before becoming a household name. Some manage to make their ways into our hearts and closets and we immediately forget what life was like without them. Furry boots, yoga pants, bohos, and microfiber—can you even remember the world without them? We’ve rounded up some of the latest clothing trends to help share what we believe may become staples of the modern wardrobe. Some are new, some are going through a renaissance—either way, we think you should keep an eye out!

Body Shapers, Waist Trainers, and Corsets

Corsets have been around since we humans felt inadequate in our own bodies. In other words, they’ve been around a long time. These garments have seen a rising popularity in recent years though navigating the lingo used to sell them can be quite difficult. At present, these are some of the terms that describe products that are very similar:

  • Waist Trainer
  • Waist Cincher
  • Body Shaper
  • Corset

It’s often a matter of opinion which name goes with these garments. In fact, we see many retailers categorizing these products together as waist trainers and waist cinchers. Don’t be too harsh in criticizing. We have a hard time telling them apart too. It seems waist trainers are more athletic and suited for long-term use. Waist cinchers seem to be something one might wear out one night. Corsets seem to be similar to everything but generally more formal in design and more expensive.

Smart Clothing

Smart is a term often used interchangeably to mean anything tech-related. We still argue that dropping a circuit board in our trashcan makes it a smart trashcan—IT disagree though. Nonetheless, the demand for wearable tech has given rise to a medley of smart clothes that are worth keeping an eye on. These clothes integrate technology such as the following:

  • Integrated charging wires
  • Electricity-generating fabrics
  • RFID-Chip Embeds
  • Motion Sensors
  • Health Monitoring Systems

There are only a handful of smart clothing companies out there on the market. The concepts are new, evolving rapidly, and are likely to exist only in refined states moving forward. We don’t suggest going out and dropping $1200 on a shirt that can charge your iPhone—unless you are just into that kind of thing—but we’d say keep an eye out in the next few years for some practical (and fashionable) designs.

Eco-Conscious Wear

Consumerism takes its toll on more than just our wallets. The manufacturing technologies and resources needed to cloth the world can also pollute the environment, endanger certain species, and may even contribute to global warming. Recycling is the defacto answer most people offer up when asked: “how to make things more responsibly.” This catches the essence of eco-conscious textiles but let’s get a bit more specific. The following are trends we’ve seen that hold great promise for helping keep the world a cleaner place while also keeping us all fashionable to boot!

  • Vegan Clothing
  • Organic Clothing
  • Recycled Clothing
  • Match Clothing
  • Faux Leather

So the last one is just a shout-out to PETA more or less and isn’t anything particularly new (or exciting.) The devil is in the details of these designs and commercial viability rest on the shoulders of the logistics departments (mostly.) After all, offer us a Vegan shirt at a 15% markup compared to regular clothing and we’ll consider it. Drop a 150% markup on it and you’ll only be selling to the choir.