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How to Make Your Home Interior Design Project Matter

Interior design comes in many levels of commitment. There are those projects launched by Hollywood’s finest that have no budgets, those that can make you wince at their cost, and those that are as DIY as it comes. We’ve put together this guide to help better understand how to make your dollars go farther in your next home design project.


If you can afford an interior designer and a five or six figure budget—go ahead and stop reading now. For the rest of us, redecorating our homes can be a daunting and expensive task. There are details to manage, dollars to horde, and opinions to consider. When you’re going it alone (or with the helpful assistance of family members ) you likely need all the help you can get! This guide will help you understand the parts of redecorating where you can save, those where you should pull back some, and those where you should go all-in.


Furniture can get really expensive really quickly. Some of the best luxury furniture brands can easily run into the thousands of dollars just for a single room! Two thousand dollars here, three thousand dollars there—bank accounts can get drained quickly. When it comes to buying furniture—especially nice furniture—there are some small tips to help you save big:

  • Don’t buy this years designs
  • Make big purchases around holiday sales (black Friday, Memorial Day, etc.)
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Each of these tips can help you come in under budget for your project and likely help you get more pieces than you originally thought. Check out this list of the best furniture brands by Home Refinery for inspiration! Remember, not all furniture brands are created equally! If you cheap out be prepared to be buying more furniture in the near future.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

If you’re living in the house you plan on dying in then you can kind of gloss over this one. Home value varies (wildly in some cases) based on regional trends and seasonal interests. What remains timeless is the correlation between kitchens, bathrooms, and selling price. Money put into kitchens and bathrooms is likeliest to translate to money you can get back when selling. Here are some tips to help spruce up the most important parts of your home even when they are your number one priority.

  • Buy appliances during sales
  • Use laminates instead of hardwoods
  • Stainless steel is sexy

Paint Colors & Versatility

If you’ve never got excited at the prospect of painting a wall bright orange or yellow then you’ve never actually re-decorated a home. The temptation to go wild with color is immense and, in some cases, can be well implemented. Sticking to semi-gloss and neutral tones are the best option in almost all cases though. Having a somewhat neutral base to build on lets your color come from plants, accent furniture, and natural light. Semi-gloss paint helps mask scuffs and scrapes to minimize continued maintenance. Don’t be afraid to fill a room with color but, before you do, think about how you’d fill about that color forever. Hanging a new painting is a lot easier than repainting a room.


It’s easy to get carried away on interior design projects and forget that life still has to continue as normal. If you have three kids running around—don’t think they’ll respect that new glass-top cocktail table with sorta sharp edges. It might look beautiful, it might inspire you, and it might pull an entire room together—it might also mean a trip to the ER, constant worrying, and the temptation to yell at family members. Designing around your day to day life is an art unto itself. Putting rugs in high traffic areas, avoiding delicate objects where children play, and accommodating other’s preferences goes a long way. Remember, if something is going to require daily attention it’ll lose it’s luster quick.

In Closing

DIY Interior Design is just a buzzword to make it sound like the impossible. Any improvement to your home can be considered “design” and, unless you’re putting on a new roof, it likely falls into the category of “interior design.” The tips discussed here should help you make your next design project easier and more enjoyable and—if you soaked it all in—maybe even save you some money! Here’s a list of the best interior design projects by Design Milk to leave you with some inspiration for your next project.