Christmas Shopping Guide 2018

Christmas is a season of giving and is often seen in the form of presents to loved ones. Gifts without much thought are often only cherished for a short time; leaving the end result one of wasted money and underappreciated consideration. The first step in finding the best Christmas present ideas is to first consider who you are buying for.

Know Your Giftee

Knowing the interests of those you choose to gift is really important. Without a personal insight into someone’s interests the best you can ever hope to do is offer them a momentary distraction—a social requirement most likely. Office gifting and employee gifting are different matters. When it comes to loved ones and close friends however, you should really consider they’re interests before wasting your money. For example, if you are really into rock climbing you might think it attractive to buy your best friend a climbing harness. Well, if your friend has little interest in rock climbing that’s going to be a waste of time and money on your behalf. After all, you were focused on what interested your rather than your giftee! Before jumping down the rabbit hole of Christmas shopping guide prepare to set aside your personal magnetism towards all things shiny—you’re shopping for others!

Focus on Single Items

No one really likes getting 15 gifts worth $10 a piece. Just about anyone would find appreciation in a gift worth $150 however. When shopping for Christmas gifts remember to not go crazy with impulse items. These are the types of things you see alongside the checkout lines in TJ Maxx, get bombarded by on Amazon, and have ads follow you around the internet for. They prey on your mission of finding a gift by offering a pseudo answer in their claim of being a gift. What isn’t advertised is how quickly these items lose their fandom after being opened. Sure that sqeaky, wiggly, novel new $12.99 toy is fun to play with for 15 minutes on Christmas morning, but will anyone even look at it come January? Set your budget and get the single most badass thing possible for each recipient on your shopping list. Trust us, they won’t mind.

Ignore Top Selling Items

You’re the smart one here. Most people fall for impulse items on there way to the checkout counter, and click ‘add to cart’ for upsells while shopping online. These types of purchases can have a snowball effect on which items are listed as top-sellers by retailers. Take a quick peek at the best selling items on Amazon for an example. Aside from Amazon’s own products (possibly added there with a little help) everything else is pretty random and cheap. That’s what impulse items and impulse sections are; random and cheap. They’re meant to target the masses and have no shame in their game. Best seller and top-rated sections on ecomm websites will usually only ever reflect this type of buyers sentiment. If you’re deadset on finding the best holiday gift ideas perhaps scroll to the last few pages of such venues. Otherwise, we’d recommend consulting some of the best holiday gift guides online to get a better idea of interest-specific ideas. Here’s a list of a few to get you started:

Outdoors Gifts:


Home Decor Gifts:


Tools & DIY:


Scrapbooking Gifts:


Tech Gifts:


Kitchen Gifts:


Put in the Effort

These sources are only meant to get you started along your path to finding the best Christmas gifts of this season. To really excel you need to carefully consider those for whom your are shopping. Some great rules of thumb are: don’t buy clothes for people that you don’t know their exact size, don’t buy kids toys without asking their parents which toys to buy, and don’t buy a Crock Pot for someone who really wants a pressure cooker! Ok, the last one probably isn’t going to come up very often but it illustrates well how each person will interpret (and appreciate) your gifts differently. Christmas can be a magical time of giving and receiving. Working to know those for whom you shop can often be as rewarding as any gift you may receive in return.