Small news

At Smallnews, we understand how alarmingly-overwhelming the modern news-cycle is. It never stops, it hardly ever follows a steady path of consistency, and very rarely does it ever reach a discernible conclusion from the information that it has presented. 

Every Home was Like Alcatraz 

Corporate media has taken over our world, spreading the news that you are told matters the most. When international trade agreements are made—we’re shown nothing but social issues. Racially-tense stories are run 24/7 in a seeming attempt to race-bait the entire country into fighting among ourselves. The American people forget that regardless of color, ethnicity, or country of origin—we all share a home now. If you feel as if the media has been divisive towards the American people, you are not alone. Work, sleep, eat, repeat—that’s the routine of a modern slave, and the media does nothing but reinforce that pattern through news cycles, TV shows, and otherwise obscure opinions meant only to blind us from the truth.

Everyone Had Lost Their Minds

In the land of the blind—the one-eyed man is King. That’s an old saying that has obvious implications; those with a distinct advantage over others shall reign supreme. In today’s world, the establishment media reigns supreme by their ability to tap into the minds of every American at the flip of a switch. Instantly—billionaires are able to impress upon us their opinions, ideas, and influence how we see the world. Just as the one-eyed man stands apart from the rest—so too does the sane man in a world of insane perception. Those that see reality for what it is, and not what it is told to be, are among an ever-shrinking minority in today’s world. to make their kind an even-rarer breed, those who have succumb to an adulterated view of the world often ridicule those still capable of free thought and unblemished perception. For if you were to know a deep truth, that the world had been tricked into believing was false—do you feel you’d be able to simply stand up and shout the truth, setting the world free of it’s prison? Absolutely not.

Truth Lies & Deception

The path to truth and un-encumbered perception is paved with hardship, uphill battles, and a groundswell of near-total opposition among our fellow citizenry. We have been worn down, our ideals have been eroded by a never-ending bombardment of pre-molded sentiments and opinion. Within each of us dwells a ravenous warrior prepared to fight his or her way to freedom—the trick is to open up a line of communication. Journey with us as we pick out the truth from the lies, as we work to paint a portrait of perception more near to the shape of this worlds actual modus operandi.